Shraga Zaltzman MBE – recommendation on Debby

I have worked with Debby and I can not recommend her highly enough. She is professional, personable and VERY good at what she does. She understands her clients needs well and is always able to provide a solution. It is a privilege and a pleasure to work with Debby! Shraga Zaltzman MBE – CEO, Work Avenue

“Keely excels in her role as recruitment consultant” says Regional Manager for Four Seasons Healthcare

“Keely from 2S Recruitment has been a pleasure to partner with for hiring new nurses and care home management staff for our FSHC portfolio of Care Homes in the South of England. She excels in her role as recruitment consultant because she understands our Organisation’s needs as well as those of the candidates.”

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Review of 2S Recruitment on Friday 19 July 2013 by Martin (Client) 2S have recently joined my company’s PSL and have impressed with their candidates and processes. They have gained a good understanding of our requirements quickly and has filled a couple of key roles straight off the bat. They have always communicated well and I find them to be personable …

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Review of 2S Recruitment on Monday 7 October 2013 by Murlina Campbell (Office Manager/HRA) 2S are very professional and supportive. They take the time to ensure that the vacancies we are seeking to fill match the right candidates and they always keep you updated. I would recommend 2S Recruitment. Very nice people.

Debby fully takes on board the requirements of the job description and person specification, say’s regional Manager…

I have worked with Debby on two recent recruitment campaigns and have found her to be very responsive and efficient. Debby fully takes on board the requirements of the job description and person specification and then puts forward people who meet the criteria really well, rather than just sending people in similar jobs. I have …