How awesome? Bigging up our Awesome Customer Service in recruitment

I’d say pretty awesome!

Yes, it’s the last day of the month so time for us to announce the 2S Recruitment Awesome Customer Service Award for February 2014. It is our second award of 2014 and has been tricky for Lisa and I to decide on as quite honestly, pretty much every member of our professional recruitment team could be nominated and win!

Alas, one person has scooped the honour and £100 (to spend on themselves or their daughter!) and it is Debby Fairweather.

We’ve had numerous emails from very happy candidates and clients this month with regards to their customer experience with Debby.

Covering a huge part of the country which stems from Hertfordshire all the way up to Lincolnshire and across to include East Anglia also, Debby has many (many) years experience as a recruitment professional in social care. If you’re a nurse (RGN or RMN / Registered Nurse) with experience of nursing home care, nursing home manager or care home manager, (our) Debby can help you. Not only can she help but she will do so ensuring you know where your CV is going, any interviews are organised super fast and efficiently and all offers and salary / package negotiations are helped and guided along by Debby.

We all know that moving jobs is a very tricky time of life and so having an experienced recruitment consultant such as Debby on board with 2S Recruitment means we know you’re in safe hands.

ACSA Feb 2014 Winner DF

Debby - 2S Recruitment

Debby – 2S Recruitment



Tea Parties … Giving back

I had the pleasure of hearing one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs of our time speak last Monday at a national convention for business owners.

The speaker’s name is Fraser Doherty or some call him Jamboy.

To say that Fraser blew the roof off the room of over 900 UK business owners is an understatement.

The thing that got me all inspired though, apart from his engaging back story, his ability to answer pressing questions off the cuff with aplomb and charm; oh and also his multi-million pound jam empire he kick-started at the age of 14 (and that was only 11 years ago now); yes, all very inspiring stuff, but in fact it was Fraser’s desire and passion to give back.

Fraser has started the Superjam Tea Parties where he encourages us to hold Tea Parties for the older members of our community in their nursing and care homes, or local tea room or even a sports hall. Superjam is served (having been donated by Fraser’s company) along with cake and scones, and some lovely dance hall tunes too.

Fraser’s talk included video of one of the Tea Parties he launched and to see people of a certain age dancing, eating scones and jam, drinking tea and generally feeling and looking like they’re having fun, was just awesome.

I know it’s easy to say that the wealthy amongst us should all be philanthropic in this way; actually, not just the wealthy. Indeed if we all looked out for our elders in this way, this country would surely be a better place to live.

In other countries, where it is very usual and part the culture to care for our more senior community members in a very respectful manner, they would be appalled at perhaps how we don’t hold our older people in the UK in such high esteem.

Maybe it is time to change this and volunteer to run or organise one of these Tea Parties?

Indeed if you’d like to find out more, you can do so here.

And we shall be doing our bit with a few of our clients once we’re able to find out more about the logistics and whether we’d be allowed to organise one of these for our client’s service users, given many of our clients are nursing homes, care homes and sheltered housing,

Superjam Tea Party

Superjam Tea Party


New week, new job

How many people do you know are starting a new job today?

Or maybe you are feeling the nerves and excitement of a new office and new colleagues and new challenges today or in the next few weeks.

It can be one of the most nerve-racking times in an adult’s life and as such, we are here to help make that transition a little easier with a few words of wisdom.

Some of what we’re about to say is very obvious and clearly, starting a new job and the common sense help here is not rocket science but if it helps you, or two or maybe eight other people today, then I would feel happy we’ve done our job.

Wisdom number 1: don’t wear your loudest shirt and tie combo; not on your first day. You want to make an impression but not in a clothing kind of way!

Wisdom number 2: arrive in plenty of time and don’t park where you’re clearly not meant to. Double yellow lines near and in the car park do mean something even if you’re keen to park and get in to meet everyone! Sounds daft, but we’ve seriously had someone who needed to ‘have a word’ with security after their first day to have their car un-clamped!

Wisdom number3: don’t feel you have to take everything in on your first day. It is not expected so do not put this pressure on yourself.

Wisdom number 4: when introduced as the new member of the team, keep dodgy jokes or controversial opinions to yourself … for at least a good length of time (weeks, and perhaps months!) Do not risk alienating yourself within your new company by nervously telling a rude joke because you can’t think of anything constructive to say!

Wisdom number 5: try not to be too quick to judge and equally, try not to join in with the office banter too early on in your tenure with them. It can be tempting to do so, in an attempt to feel part of your new team but wait … take the lay of the land first, before you go joining any gossip circles.

Finally, wisdom number 6: try to enjoy your first day … easiest way is to smile a lot. Having a happy disposition can help your nerves keep at bay.

Good luck with your first stay and be sure to let us know how your first week goes in your new job.


Gold Dust … we need your HELP!

Gold dust …

Honestly, good nurses who want to do the very difficult, yet thoroughly rewarding job of working with our older members of the community within local nursing homes, they are gold dust!

We know, hand on heart, that if we speak with a nurse who has experience of working with the elderly as either an RGN or RMN, has a current NMC PIN and really is passionate about helping these residents within nursing homes, we can absolutely find them a new opportunity and job.

So we’d like your help.

Fancy helping find gold dust?

We need to find more of these gold dust, fantastic nurses as we have very many homes we work with across the UK who come to us, asking for our assistance in recruiting a fantastic new nursing home Registered Nurse, or Head of Unit (RGN / RMN / RN) or even a Nursing Home Manager or Head of Care (again, registered nurse qualified).

So how can you help?

Easy …. and it is a give, give, give, give scenario.

Give 1: You give our details to a nurse you know.

Give 2: The nurse gives us a call.

Give 3: We give them the opportunity to change their job.

Give 4: Then we give you £100 by way of an M&S voucher to spend as you wish.

Give, give, give, give!

Help 2S recruitment to GIVE!

Help 2S recruitment to GIVE!

Happy Valentine’s Day

We love Valentine’s Day at 2S Recruitment …. sounds silly but it’s because we love what we do, and we love to help! Sounds all mushy but hey, if you don’t love what you do, what is the point?

Seriously, life is too short to not love each and every day and so in a celebration and nod to Valentine’s Day, our Team 2SR consultants would like to share what they love (when they’re not spending every waking hour helping people to find new jobs and helping our fabulous clients to grow their teams)!

Nic LOVES Daffodils

Nic LOVES Daffodils





Gillian loves FUN Family Days, just like this one!

Gillian loves FUN Family Days, just like this one!






Debby's love is all about her family but especially this pic of Maddison

Debby’s love is all about her family but especially this pic of Maddison





You know we have so much love in our team that we could probably post another 10 photos today and then maybe another 10 tomorrow and then another 10. We could even include some of our candidates and clients on this posting as we literally do love what we do and take real pride in being passionate about what we do, each and every single day.


How many people can say that about their job?

Happy Valentine’s!





How many miles?

27 miles!

Clic Pic

Not just 27 miles along a straight, easy to walk, soft under foot type of walk either … 27 miles up and down the mountains they call the Brecon Beacons for charity.

This is where a team of 7 people, known as Team Leo, will be heading on the weekend of June 7/8th. And it is all in aid of the children’s charity CLIC Sargent who helped my family and I throughout Leo, my son’s, cancer diagnosis and treatment back in 2008.

In fact, along with me on this (27 mile?!) trek will be Louise Hewitt and also Gillian Davies, both of whom are key members of the 2S Recruitment team, and they recently opened up the North West office for 2S Recruitment.

Other members of Team Leo, all raising vital funds for CLIC Sargent are Julie from Sutherland Saddlery and also three fantastic parents from my son’s school, even though Leo has not been well enough to attend school since November 2012 due to late effects of the cancer treatment.

I am really proud to have thought initially I’d be doing this trek (did I mention it was 27 miles … up and then down and then up and then down some very big hills / mountains!!) and now we are a fantastic team of 7, all with different motivations for wanting to jump on board the fundraising train (but only training from now on, and now trains for us!)

We shall keep you posted as to how our training and fundraising is going, as well as sending a little plea out there for some sponsorship closer to the time.

Brecon Beacons 1


Congratulations Nicolas!!

We would like to congratulate our candidate Nicolas on his achievement at the Great British Care Awards – WINNER of The Dementia Carer Award!

Our Consultant, Sue is so delighted for Nicolas, she tells us she’s very proud to know that the passion she saw in Nicolas is being recognised, not only by our clients, but by the British Care Awards.  Sue’s mother is a Dementia sufferer, so she knows only too well what a difference excellence makes to the lives of residents and their families.

From the Great British Care Awards:

The Dementia Carer Award – Nicholas Kee Mew, Greensleeves Homes Trust

WOW! The judges were struck by Nicholas’s passion. He genuinely cares from the heart. Nicholas uses technology and is innovative, inspirational with a great understanding of individualised care in a wider community setting.


Nicolas’s says:  “Hi Sue, I won under the category for dementia carer award.
Many thanks for all your support. You change my life. I am so grateful you found me my dream job”.   Nicolas. 

Nicolas with fellow award winners at the British Care Awards.

Nicolas with fellow award winners at the British Care Awards.

No registered manager at one in eight adult care services as CQC plans crackdown

One in eight adult social care services does not have a registered manager in place, the Care Quality Commission has revealed as it launched a crackdown on the issue.

The regulator said 3,030 locations that provide adult social care services – out of approximately 24,000 – were not fulfilling regulatory requirements to have a registered manager in place. In total, 3,935 health or social care services did not have a registered manager, a quarter of which had not had one in place for at least two years, revealed a paper to last months CQC board meeting from their chief executive, David Behan.

He said this was “unacceptable” and that analysis of inspection findings had shown that adult care services without a registered manager (RM) were more likely to be failing to meet essential standards than those with an RM in place.

He said this was “unacceptable” and that analysis of inspection findings had shown that adult care services without a registered manager (RM) were more likely to be failing to meet essential standards than those with an RM in place.

To date, the CQC has responded to the issue by writing to providers, informing them of the need to appoint an RM; it has served just one warning notice. In his paper to the board, Behan said the regulator needed to take “more effective and robust action” on the issue.

Under the Health and Social Care Act 2008, not having a registered manager is an offence that the CQC can take criminal action against, including issuing a caution or a fixed penalty notice of up to £4,000, or prosecuting the provider. Behan said it would write to providers who have not had an RM for at least two years at any of their services to say that they face being fined from October onwards.

It will then move on to tackling services that have not had an RM in place for at least a year.

The CQC will also increase its monitoring of services on whether they have an RM in place so it is alerted whenever a service has gone without a registered manager for six months. Providers would also be told to ensure that RMs apply to cancel their registration when they cease employment.

Source: Communitycare


Passionate 2SR recruiting team give cash to children’s cancer charity

The recruitment consultancy 2S Recruitment has announced a brand new profit sharing scheme as part of an initiative to raise money for the children’s cancer charity, CLIC Sargent. The agency, which specialises in recruiting for the care, property and commercial sectors, will donate at least £20 to the charity every time it places a candidate in a new role. The moves comes on top of previous donations which have so far seen 2S Recruitment partners and staff raise more than £21,000.

Clic Pic

The commitment to CLIC Sargent has both personal and professional significance for 2S Recruitment following an early childhood cancer diagnosis.  Helen Sanders, Partner at 2S Recruitment says, “As a company, we want to give back and ensure our hard work helps others. By donating to CLIC Sargent, we can help the charity to make a difference to the 10 children each day who are diagnosed with cancer during childhood. My son Leo was 3 when he was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer. He is now 8 and cancer free. As a mum, I know how much CLIC Sargent helped our son Leo throughout his diagnosis and treatment. As a business woman I feel it is important to help charities like CLIC Sargent to do their work by donating a percentage of profits each time we make a placement. We feel driven to make a difference.”

Like CLIC Sargent, 2S Recruitment is dedicated to providing care. The company has a proven track record of finding registered nurses, care home and nursing home managers and other care staff and placing them where they are needed most. Many of the recruiters themselves have previously worked in such roles therefore they know exactly what it takes to match the right nurse to the right care facility.

As well as the care sector, 2S Recruitment also offers recruitment services for the property sector and the commercial market, lending its expertise to recruiting sales managers, temporary and permanent sales consultants and facilities managers. With all three of these sectors currently undergoing resurgence and with more vacancies to fill than ever, before 2S Recruitment’s profit sharing initiative is already going from strength to strength.

Its £10 per placement donation joins a ‘Miles for CLIC’ campaign which saw 2S Recruitment team members pounding the pavements each week, with each mile walked matched by a consultancy donation.

2S Recruitment is a leading recruitment consultancy in the UK. We recruit because we care and we care about how we recruit.

Our ethos is led by the fact we are here to help companies thrive and grow with the right staff, and also that we take real pride in making a difference to our candidate’s lives by securing the right role for them, their lives and their careers. Whether you’re looking for a new career opportunity or hiring new staff, 2S Recruitment can help you. 

2S Recruitment take pride in how we recruit; we’re honest, we won’t over promise and we also value our staff’s integrity. Our team are all proven recruitment consultants who have a thorough knowledge of both how to recruit well plus what it takes to hire the right staff within our 3 specialist industries – Care, Commercial and Property.