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Another happy Registered Manager

        Debby was very helpful and supportive when new opportunities came up. Debby gave good advice whilst being realistic and tactful way about expectations and gave me the chance to tell her my needs, expectations and concerns. She is professional and sticks to her word. Thank you for all your help Debby with placing me in my new role.

Adele Hawkins

Registered Manager


Shraga Zaltzman MBE – recommendation on Debby

    I have worked with Debby and I can not recommend her highly enough. She is professional, personable and VERY good at what she does.
    She understands her clients needs well and is always able to provide a solution. It is a privilege and a pleasure to work with Debby!

Shraga Zaltzman MBE – CEO, Work Avenue


Big care home chains to face new inspections (source

Britain’s big care home chains are to face a tough new regime of corporate inspections to prevent financial problems from leading to poor or dangerous care for elderly residents, England’s first chief inspector of social care said.

Under the plans, if a single care home run by a larger group is found to be inadequately caring for residents, it could trigger an urgent, wider look at other care homes run by the company.

Andrea Sutcliffe said she also wanted to improve the Care Quality Commission’s scrutiny of corporate leadership provided by care home chains to ensure standards were maintained and enforced.

“We will be making sure there is a much better relationship between the CQC and our corporate providers so that we are looking at the picture across the piste,” she said. “We need to say: ‘We’ve seen this happening in Netherwallop so what’s actually happening in Northumberland’ and do we need to do that comparison?”

Ms Sutcliffe is overseeing the launch of an new system to regulate England’s 10,000 care homes which for the first time will have each institution rated as either outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate. Those rated as inadequate will be put into special measures and possibly shut down unless an immediate improvement is made. So far, trial inspections have revealed a worrying 30 per cent of homes require improvement while 5 per cent are judged inadequate.

“We are seeing some services that are clearly struggling and I wouldn’t want to shy away from saying that’s the case,” said Ms Sutcliffe. “There are a small number at the bottom end who are inadequate and are providing utterly unacceptable care. We published one report last week where the inspectors walked in, and while the façade looked lovely, when you got behind it the home smelt. People were being left in bed because there were not enough staff to help them get up. People were not being helped to eat – and that was having an impact on their health.”

She has personal experience of inspections, and said it was often easy to spot struggling homes almost from “the moment you walked in the door”. “Initial reaction is a pretty good guide,” she said. “Basically if you’re welcomed in and you are immediately offered to be shown around the home, then things tend to be OK. But sometimes you will get shepherded off into the office and sat down with lots of files, and you know that everybody is scurrying around outside trying to work out what’s going on and telling people ‘the inspectors are here’.

“The critical thing our inspectors need to have is a ‘nose’ – and that’s not just the nose for how it smells which is important – but also that instinct which says ‘Yep, I can see this is something that I might need to explore further.’ ”

In one CQC inspection, she revealed, the care home owner had “imported” extra staff from an adjoining home to make it look better resourced. When inspectors found out they promptly inspected both homes simultaneously.

Ms Sutcliffe said the relationship between good care and the financial resources of companies running the homes needs more work. While the CQC does not have the legal right to inspect head-office functions, she has corporate oversight of the largest chains. “There’s a relationship between quality of care and the finances. If you see the quality dropping that can be an indication of wider problems.”

Ultimately, she said, her guide for judging services – and the guide she wants her inspectors to follow – is what she calls the “mum test”. She has a photo of her mother which she uses in presentations to underline the point: Would this service be one where you would be happy to leave a loved one?

“Regulators are often seen as remote. People don’t connect it to the work they are doing and the people they are providing the service for. But nothing could be further from the truth. We are all here to make a difference to the people using care services. I thought it was very important to say clearly that the core of what we are doing is about people – and making that human by making that connection with someone you love. And in that case that’s my mum.”


SOURCE: The Independent on Monday 08 September 2014

Man charged with killing his Grandmother at Yate care home

A Man charged with the murder of an 87-year-old woman in a care home is her grandson, the Bristol Post can reveal.

Ryan Guest, 33, is accused of killing Una Dorney at Oak Tree House in Yate last Wednesday afternoon.

He first appeared at North Avon Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

Yesterday Guest, of Birkdale, Yate, appeared in a six-minute hearing at Bristol Crown Court, at which prosecuting barrister Mark Hollier confirmed that the alleged victim was the defendant’s grandmother.

Guest, who spoke only to confirm his name, was remanded in custody by Judge Michael Longman until his next appearance in court, which is due to take place on July 14.

Police were called to Oak Tree House after staff reported the sudden death of the pensioner on Wednesday afternoon. Guest was arrested hours later.

Oak Tree House is run by Four Seasons Health Care, the UK’s biggest provider of nursing homes, care homes and specialist units throughout the UK.

It is a purpose-built home providing residential and nursing care for people with and without dementia and a report by watchdog the Care Quality Commission last summer found relatives praised its care and staff, with one relative telling inspectors that Oak Tree House was the “best home in the area”.

Speaking last Thursday, a spokesman for the company said: “This is a deeply upsetting and distressing time for the family and we will support them as much as we can.”
Source: Bristol Post

Another lovely recommendation from

I have been thoroughly impressed with 2S Recruitment. Sue Foster took time to get to know me and what I was looking for, we talked through the opportunities and the companies as they came up so I was able to make informed decisions about each role. I have secured a fantastic role and really couldn’t have done it without Sue. 2S are the only recruitment company I have used and I would highly recommend them, both to employers and those seeking a new role. (Torie)


Thanks to the brilliant Louise Hewitt I have recently started a role within my chosen field at the salary I wanted and at a company where there is a clear path for progression…

I had been looking for a new role for some time and had started to believe that the perfect job wasn’t out there. I had joined a number of recruitment agencies all of whom had tried to push me into roles that I didn’t want to do. When approached by  2S Recruitment I thought this would be more of the same but was amazed by their fresh approach and professional service.

Thanks to the brilliant Louise Hewitt I have recently started a role within my chosen field at the salary I wanted and at a company where there is a clear path for progression.

It was clear from the first time I spoke to Louise that she had taken the time to study my CV and understood exactly what I wanted from my next job so much so that the very first opportunity she presented was perfect.

Throughout the recruitment process Louise continually provided feedback and ensured I was well prepared in advance of interview, her friendly but professional nature put me at ease and was key to me securing the position.

I would recommend Louise and 2S Recruitment to anyone who was looking for a new role and wanted something different from the usual agencies that are out there, they really are a cut above.

LOUISE HEWITT PHOTO FOR 2S WEBISTELouise Hewitt – Recruitment Consultant